TIP #1

Remember that everyone is there for the same reason as you. To find a connection! There’s no need to feel nervous or embarrassed.


TIP #2

Smile! Positive energy is contagious and sharing a smile with another single is just the beginning of starting a connection.

Floating Hearts

TIP #3

Don’t JUST talk about yourself. You only have 5 minutes to talk to each single. It is great to share things about yourself, but don’t forget to make time to ask questions about the other singles. It will give you more insight on your compatibility with them and it will show them that you’re interested!

Neon Sign

TIP #4

Eye contact! Eye contact is very important. Not too much, not too little. You always want your date to know that they have your full attention.

Neon Hello

TIP #5

Have fun! Meeting new people with many different personalities from your own is always an interesting and exciting experience. Don’t forget to enjoy yourself!

With All Your Heart